如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱


如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱

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Olymp Trade

Country Seychelles
Minimum acount size 10$
Regulated by FMRRC
Payment options Visa, MasterCard, QIWI, Neteller, WebMoney, Yandex.Money
Website https://www.olymptrade.com

Description / Features

Olymp Trade is a trading brand of Smartex International Ltd. that provides access to binary options trading. In Russia, the company is regulated by the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center. Besides, the broker is a member of The Financial Commission. The key feature of the firm is that trading is conducted only on call-put binary options. The longest maturity period makes up an hour; the shortest, 60 seconds. So, the broker’s trading conditions will suit those who trade in the short term. Olymp Trade also offers other trading instruments such as major currency pairs, commodities (gold, silver, and oil), shares, and indices. The company’s website contains video tutorials regarding the use of a trading platform, and the ABC of intraday options trading. Specialists at Olymp Trade developed online courses in the form of a game. According to the broker’s estimates, around 80% of traders raise their profits after completing education on the website. Beginners can test their skills trading on a demo account with a virtual deposit. Russian rubles are also accepted as a payment currency.

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Binary options are not for me. Such strange rules of trading I've never seen. Every position opens very slow, so I want to tell you, if you trade here, to take a little time before you want to open position. Because what I saw, the platform works with huge delayings - from 5 to 25 sec.





Yesterday I made a request for withdrawal $150. That profit I've been earning since January. It was very difficult for me, coz I'm not a profi yet. But 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 good technical services and reliable execution helps me to earn that profit very quickly!





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Profitability on the Rise

A trading platform that supports your financial goals.

Start Trading — It's Free

Enter the Trading Field with Ronaldinho!

We are happy to announce that Ronaldinho joins Olymp Trade and becomes our official online trading partner. Get your energy boost for successful trades with the master of swift attacks!


The Latest from Olymp Trade

New features, latest webinars and more.


30 new assets


Experience points (XP)

Our new rewards system offers active traders even more perks and privileges.


Profit line

A tool to help you identify the breakeven point of a trade.



Analyzes several indicators according to trading strategies.


Discover Our Blog

Level up your trading experience with fresh insights and market analytics.

Smooth Experience on Any Device

Whether you prefer trading at your desk or on the go — Olymp Trade has got you covered.

The custom-built platform has been adapted for any device you may choose and switching is 100% seamless.


A Platform that Works for You

These features will help 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 you reach your goals.

Risk-Free Trades

Explore the platform and test strategies for free.

Demo Account

10,000 in virtual funds to practice and learn.


Customize the platform with unique tools to elevate your trading skills.

Personal Manager

Get exclusive one-on-one guidance with a trading expert.

No limits. No commission. No delays.

Quick and easy deposits and withdrawals

7 Years of Excellence

An industry trailblazer since 2014, Olymp Trade has many achievements to be proud of.



In 2019, one of the world's top rugby players, Eben Etzebeth (South Africa), was a partner to Olymp Trade.


Olymp Trade is proud to support the LCR Honda team at MotoGP™ 2019-2021.

The Transactions offered by this Website can be executed only by fully competent adults. Transactions with financial instruments offered on the Website involve substantial risk and trading may be very risky. If you make Transactions with the financial instruments offered on this Website, you might incur substantial losses or even lose everything in your Account. Before you decide to start Transactions with the financial instruments offered on the Website, you must review the Service Agreement and Risk Disclosure Information.

상승하는 수익률

Olymp Trade의 새로운 공식 온라인 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 트레이딩 파트너, Ronaldinho를 소개합니다! 빠른 어택의 마스터와 함께 성공적인 트레이닝을 위한 에너지 부스트를 받아보세요!


호나우지뉴 가우슈(Ronaldinho Gaúcho)

Olymp Trade의 최신 기능

새로운 기능과 최신 웨비나 등


새로운 자산 30가지


경험치 (XP)

열심히 활동하는 트레이더를 위해 새로운 보상 시스템에서 각종 특전과 혜택을 제공합니다


도구를 통해 트레이딩 손익 분기점을 식별할 수 있습니다



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어느 기기에서나 원활한 경험

책상에 앉아서 하는 트레이딩과 이동하면서 하는 트레이딩 무엇을 선호하더라도 Olymp Trade에서는 전부 가능합니다.

맞춤형 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 플랫폼은 사용자가 원하는 모든 기기에서 사용할 수 있도록 설정되었으며 100% 원활하게 전환이 가능합니다.

내게 딱 맞는 플랫폼

목표를 달성에 도움을 주는 기능들

무위험 트레이딩

무료로 플랫폼 탐색 및 전략 테스트

모의 계좌

연습 및 학습을 위해 보충 가능한 10,000.

플랫폼의 다양한 기능커스 터마이징을 통해 트레이딩 실력 향상하기

전담 관리자

트레이딩 전문가에게 전담으로 일대일 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 지도 받기

한도와 수수료 없이 순식간에

탁월함을 증명한 7년

2014년부터 업계를 선도해 온 Olymp Trade은 다음과 같은 성과를 거두고 있습니다.


세계 최고의 럭비 선수 중 한 명인 에번 엣츠비츠(Eben Etzebeth, 남아공)와 파트너십 체결


Olymp 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 Trade는 2019-2021 시즌 MotoGP™ LCR Honda 팀의 자랑스러운 서포터입니다.

이 웹사이트에서 제공하는 거래는 완전한 자격을 갖춘 성인만 실행할 수 있습니다. 웹사이트에서 제공하는 금융 상품을 이용한 거래는 상당한 위험을 수반하며, 트레이딩은 매우 위험할 수 있습니다. 이 웹사이트에서 제공하는 금융 상품을 이용하여 거래하는 경우에는 상당한 손실을 입거나 심지어 계좌에 있는 돈을 전부 잃을 수도 있습니다. 웹사이트에서 제공하는 금융 상품을 이용하여 거래를 시작하기 전에 서비스 계약 및 위험성 고지 정보를 확인해주십시오.

How To Trade And Win In Olymp Trade With A Simple 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 And Easy Way

As beginners, many people want to test whether the Olymp Trade platform really pays 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 money and lets you withdraw money or not. Here, in this article, I will show you one of the easiest ways to open a profitable order and make some profit in 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 Olymp Trade. At the same time, I will give you a few notes on how to trade in Olymp Trade.

Video for making money in Olymp Trade with an account of $50

How to make money in Olymp Trade with a $50 account

Choose the reasonable trading assets in Olymp 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 Trade

If you are new with a starter account of only $50, then you should choose 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 currency pairs or assets with a payout rate of 80% or more. This is the profit ratio that you will receive if you win. For example, you enter 1 transaction of $100 with a payout of 80%. If you win, you will gain a profit of $80.

Selecting Fixed Time and the currency pair for trading

Notes: The higher the payout rate is, the more secure your balance becomes.

For example, you 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 are trading with the USD/JPY pair and a payout of 60%. You open 5 orders ($10 each). 3 wins – 2 losses => You lose $20 for 2 losing orders and make $18 for 3 winning orders => Your balance is still losing $2.

But if you trade with the EUR/USD pair and a payout of 80%. You also open 5 orders ($10 each). 3 wins – 2 losses => You are still profitable with $4.

Advice for beginners: EUR/USD and GBP/USD are the best 2 currency pairs for you to get acquainted with during your first trades.

The principles of candlesticks

At different time frames, the price will have different fluctuations. It will also create different candlesticks. Just by observing, you can realize this.

For example, during this trading time frame, EUR/USD creates alternating green and red candles. There are at most 4 consecutive green candles, after which a red candle will appear. And vice versa, there are at most 4 consecutive red candles and then green candles will appear.

Analyzing candles in the Olymp Trade trading platform

Notes: Do not observe the 1-minute Japanese candlestick pattern. Fast fluctuations may make you lose money faster and easier.

Open correct orders

Now you know the principle of candles. The trading strategy for use in Olymp Trade that I mention now will be as follows. When 2 red candles appear in the market, you should start opening orders. Now you bet that the third candle will be a green one. If the third candle is still a red one, then 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 open another order to bet that the fourth one will be green. It means that you will open 2 “HIGHER” orders continuously.

For details, you open 2 “HIGHER” orders to bet 如何通过Olymp Trade平台在线赚钱 that a green candle will appear after 2 consecutive red candles.

Order 1: Bet on a green candle – open an UP order – $2 => LOSE

Opening an UP order

Order 2: Bet on a green candle – open 1 more UP order – $5 => WIN

Opening the second UP order

After 2 orders, you gain a profit of $2.1. Profit ratio is $2.1/$50 = 4% of the balance.

Know where to stop

Do you ever have these questions as follows? If you lose both orders in a row, what should you do? The answer is “Stop!”. When the movements of candles do not follow any cycle, then stop. Keep your money.

On the contrary, if you win, you should also know where to stop. You may find that you have only earned a few dollars. But in fact, the profit you gain is several percentages of your total capital.