日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略

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Перевод "Ichimoku Indicator" на китайский

Thus, the Ichimoku indicator creates wider zones at the support and resistance levels, reducing the risk of false signals.

The Ichimoku indicator gives traders plenty of information about the current trend, its direction, as well as support and resistance levels.

Uses the ideas behind the Ichimoku indicator but applies it to RSI values and 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 plots in a separate window.

In order to use the Ichimoku indicator, a trader needs to download and install it on a trading platform.

During the morning and afternoon sessions of the seminar, attendees will be able to learn many relevant details about the use of the Ichimoku indicator, along with some of the indicators developed by Tradepedia that help online investors identify trends with more accuracy, define support-resistance levels and tap into market momentum.

在上午和下午的讲座中,与会者将有机会学习了解关于 Ichimoku 指标的相关细节以及 Tradepedia开发的一些指标,旨在帮助在线投资者更准确地识别趋势,界定支撑和阻力水平,及确定进入市场的时机。

Примеры предназначены только для помощи в переводе искомых слов и выражений в различных контекстах. Мы не выбираем и не утверждаем примеры, и 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 они могут содержать неприемлемые слова или идеи. Пожалуйста, сообщайте нам о примерах, которые, на Ваш взгляд, необходимо исправить или удалить. Грубые или разговорные переводы обычно отмечены красным или оранжевым цветом.日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略

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Profitting in Currency Markets

One of the key tenets of technical analysis is that price frequently lies, but momentum generally speaks 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 the truth. Just as professional poker players play the player 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 and not the cards, professional traders trade momentum rather than 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 price. In forex (FX), a robust momentum model can be an invaluable tool for trading, but traders often grapple with 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 the question of what type of model to use. Here 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 we look at how you can design a simple and effective momentum model in FX using the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) histogram.

Why Momentum?
First, we need to look at why momentum is so important to trading. A good way to understand the significance of momentum is to step 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 outside of the financial markets altogether and look at an 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 asset class that has experienced rising prices for a very long time - housing. House prices are measured in two 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 ways: month-over-month increases and year-over-year increases. If house prices in New York were higher in November than in October, then we could safely conclude that demand for housing remained firm and further increases were likely. However, if prices in November suddenly declined from prices paid in October, especially after relentlessly rising for most of the year, then that might provide the first clue to a possible change of trend. Sure, house prices would most likely still be higher in a year-over-year comparison, lulling the general public into believing that the real estate market was still buoyant. However, real estate professionals, who are well aware that weakness in housing manifests itself 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 far earlier in month-over-month figures than in year-over-year data, would be far more reluctant to buy under those conditions.
In real estate, month-over-month figures provide a measure of rate of 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 change, which is what the study of momentum is all about. Much like their counterparts in the real estate market, professionals in the financial markets will keep a closer eye on momentum than they do on price to ascertain the true direction of a move.
Using the MACD Histogram To Measure Momentum
Rate of change can be measured in a variety 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 of ways in technical analysis; a relative strength index (RSI), a commodity channel index (CCI) or a stochastic oscillator can all be used to gauge momentum. However, for the purposes of this story, the MACD histogram is the technical indicator of choice. (To learn more, see Moving Average Convergence Divergence - Part 2.)
First invented by Gerry Appel in the 1970s, the MACD is one of the simplest, yet most effective, technical indicators around. When used in FX, it simply records the difference between the 26-period exponential moving average (EMA) and the 12-period exponential moving average of a currency pair. (To learn more, see Trading The MACD Divergence and Basics 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 Of Weighted Moving Averages.) In addition, a nine-period EMA of MACD itself is plotted alongside the MACD and acts as a trigger line. When MACD crosses the nine-period line from the bottom, it signifies a change to the upside; when the move happens in the opposite manner, a downside signal is made.
This oscillation of the MACD around the nine-period line was first plotted into a histogram format by Thomas Aspray in 1986 and became known as the MACD histogram. Although 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 the histogram is in fact a derivative of a derivative, it can be deadly accurate as a potential guide to price direction. Here is one way to design a simple momentum model in FX using the MACD histogram.


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As Kenny Rogers once sang in "The 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 Gambler", "You've got to know when to hold them, and you got to know when to fold them". In 日出突破趋势 外汇交易策略 trading, as in poker, this is the true skill of the game. The simple momentum model we've described here is one tool that we hope will help currency traders improve their trade selection process and make smarter choices.


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