Vikings creator Michael Hirst will be accompanied by Jeb Stuart as screenwriter and executive producer in the production, which will tell the story of Vikings, which met with the audience in 2013 and continued to broadcast in 93 episodes in total.

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Vikings: Valhalla, which began shooting in 2019, will take place 100 years after the original production. The series, which will consist of 24 episodes and will be produced by Michael Hirst,

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the creator of the Vikings series, will feature characters such as Freydis, Harald Harada, Leif Erickson and William I (William the Conqueror), who are the most famous Vikings of all time. sekurigi

Vikings: Valhalla, which will meet with Netflix viewers next year, includes many famous actors in its cast. Sam Corlett, Laura Berlin, Bradley

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Freegard and Frida Gustavsson are the first to stand out… The series, which is expected to broadcast all 24 episodes at once, will be the first production to expand the Vikings universe. Netflix has not yet shared the exact release date of the series with the audience.


Announcing its productions to be published in the new period with the TUDUM event, Netflix released the first look video for The Sandman.

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The series, which was prepared by sticking to the original comic book, will soon meet with the audience. malla espaldera Written by Neil Gaiman, the creator of the original comic book series, the production begins with the capture and imprisonment of Dream,

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also known as Morpheus, by mortals, just like in the comic. Among the producers of the series are successful names such as Allan Heinberg and David S. Goyer.