xDrive BMW

The intelligent all-wheel drive xDrive technology in the BMW 5 Series Sedan provides maximum traction and variably distributes power between the front and rear wheels. In this way, the vehicle will be both agile and not skidded.


BMW 5 Series Sedan performance, engines and fuel consumption:
The BMW 5 Series Sedan has TwinPower turbo 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engine options. The latest generation of the BMW EfficientDynamics engine family, the turbo 4-cylinder petrol engine features Double VANOS, Valvetronic, high precision injection, TwinScroll, Turbocharger and TwinPower Turbocharger. These engines can produce 170 and 252 horsepower depending on the engine volume.

BMW TwinPower Turbo 2.0 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine offers fast response with power production at low engine speeds. Turbocharger technology with variable turbine geometry offers efficient use in terms of fuel.

2021 price list:
BMW 520i Sedan
BMW 520i Sedan Luxury Line: 1,348.000 TL
BMW 520i Sedan M Sport: 1,374.000 TL
BMW 530i xDrive Sedan
BMW 530i xDrive Sedan Luxury Line: 2,049,000 TL
BMW 530i xDrive Sedan M Sport: 2.087.500 TL
BMW 520d xDrive Sedan
BMW 520d xDrive Sedan Luxury Line: 1,964,200 TL
BMW 520d xDrive Sedan M Sport: 2.002.000 TL
​BMW 530e xDrive

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BMW 530e xDrive Edition M Sport: 2,543,300 TL
We have examined the BMW 5 Series Sedan features and prices in detail with you. So what do you think? Are the innovations in the model satisfactory? Are the price and features consistent? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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30 Significant Events You’ll Say ‘Did All This Happen in 2021’ When You Find Out?
2021 was not inferior to 2020, again, we left behind a full year. As you remember the events, you won’t be able to help but be surprised that all of them fit into a single year.
This year, we both learned new concepts and witnessed the transformations of old technologies.

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Let’s refresh our memories thanks to this almanac, in which we will remember what we have been through in the world of technology and science, and review the whole year. What do you think was the most important event of this year? We welcome your ideas in the comments.

Due to WhatsApp security discussions, alternative applications such as Telegram, Signal, Bip started to be downloaded to phones. WhatsApp’s change in its privacy policy and personal data sharing settings was one of the topics we talked about most in the first days of 2021. Everyone suddenly questioned the reliability of WhatsApp, turned to alternative applications, but the place where the fox would turn around was the fur shop.

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In 2021, social media platforms preferred to be much more intrusive than before. Twitter introduced “state-sponsored media” and “government official” tags on some accounts, which it expanded earlier this year. In addition, Twitter removed Bahçeli and Soylu’s tweets, citing “hate speech”.

Twitter also brought obstacles to Trump. Not only Twitter, but also Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube have brought various obstacles to Trump. These platforms also put stricter controls on climate change deniers and anti-vaccines who spread misinformation.

Social media platforms took steps to establish representation in Turkey. Within the scope of the Law No. 7253 on the Amendment of the Law on the Regulation of Broadcasting on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts, which entered into force in October 2020, time was given to foreign social media companies to appoint representatives.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube announced that they appointed representatives after fines were issued to media companies that could not appoint a representative during the given period. Later, Twitter took a step towards establishing a representative office in Turkey.

Developments such as the government’s social media regulations and house arrest for YouTubers who made street interviews occupied the agenda.